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Peter Symonds AHEd Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) provides access to online materials which support your course here at the college. In addition to materials which accompany most courses, the VLE also includes more general resources to aid you in your studies. If you do have problems logging on your PSC password may have expired. Please check the your password is current via the PSC Password Management Portal.  If you still can not log-on then contact for assistance. 

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Click on the link below to read our equal opportunity statement, our student handbook and other policies and procedures. Do you think you may require additional support? Click on the image to access the screener tool. To access your course you will first need to log-on using the username and password which you will have been given. Take a look in the Learning Resource Centre to find useful resources to support your learning. The Study Support team are here to help everyone achieve their maximum potential. Click on the image to access all the resources.